Upozornenie na riziko: Rozdielové zmluvy sú komplexné inštrumenty a pri obchodovaní s týmito inštrumentmi existuje vysoké riziko rýchlej straty peňazí v dôsledku pákového efektu. 80.38% retailových investorov prichádza o peniaze pri obchodovaní s rozdielovými zmluvami. Mali by ste zvážiť, či rozumiete fungovaniu rozdielový zmlúv a či si môžete dovoliť podstúpiť vysoké riziko straty svojich peňazí.


CySEC Regulation

3angleFX is a registered trade name of Triangleview Investments Limited. Triangleview Investments Limited. is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with CIF license number 384/20.

SSL Certification

SSL is a protocol that enables data encryption and website authentication. This action (mostly https protocol) encrypts communication between the server and the client in such a way as to block unauthorized access. And although an unauthorized person can access the data through a simple http connection, the data they acquire will be completely illegible.
A fraudulent method by which a criminal impersonates another person or institution in order to fraudulently acquire certain information (e.g. login data, credit card details) or to persuade a victim to perform specific activities. This is a type of attack that is based on social engineering.
A more dangerous and more difficult to detect form of phishing. A common aspect of Pharming is redirecting a valid web address that has been entered to a fake web page (that may look the same as a valid one).
  • All financial transactions are controlled by a security gate
  • Maximum payment and withdrawal time is 24 hours
  • Our IT department is committed to securing our website and networks
  • Personal data protection is our top priority
  • State-of-the-art SSL certification technology – RapidSSL
  • Triangleview Investments Limited a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (the “Fund”) for Clients of Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs) and other Investment Firms (IFs).
  • We hold the necessary license that authorizes us to provide selected investment and ancillary services, issued by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Remember to protect your login
  • Do not set the password saving option on your computer
  • Do not allow your computer to save the password
  • Use only trusted computers and networks
  • Regularly update your operating system, web browser and antivirus software
  • 3angleFX will never ask for a password in an electronic or telephone communication
  • Use only trusted websites