Upozornenie na riziko: Rozdielové zmluvy sú komplexné inštrumenty a pri obchodovaní s týmito inštrumentmi existuje vysoké riziko rýchlej straty peňazí v dôsledku pákového efektu. 80.38% retailových investorov prichádza o peniaze pri obchodovaní s rozdielovými zmluvami. Mali by ste zvážiť, či rozumiete fungovaniu rozdielový zmlúv a či si môžete dovoliť podstúpiť vysoké riziko straty svojich peňazí.

How to Execute a Trade

MT5 Desktop Trader

1. On your trading platform, select the desired instrument by locating it in the list on the left side of the screen, then right-click it and select Chart Window.
2. Then right-click anywhere on the chart, and select Trading then New Order.
3. Now, you can set the preferred volume, stop loss and take profit values. If you choose to buy, you would profit if the chart goes up – the opposite is true when you’re selling. Click on selling by the market or buying by market button. Then click OK to confirm your order and you’ll see a green line representing your trade.

MT5 Webtrader

1. On your trading platform, you will see 4 main sections: Rates section, Search, Cubes, and Charting.
2. Insert the name of your selected instrument in the search bar on the upper left and hit enter.
3. Once the instrument chart appears, you will see Market Execution above the chart. Order allows you to enter the market instantly by clicking Buy or Sell. To set your preferences for type, price and amount, select Pending, insert details and click Place.

MT5 Mobile Trader

1. On your app’s home screen, go to Favorites.
2. You can look up over 300 instruments on the search bar. Insert the name of your desired instrument and hit enter.
3. Once the instrument chart appears, press the + button on the bottom right corner, then select Order to enter the market instantly with either the Buy or Sell button, or Pending to set up your order preferences and click Place.