Public Holidays

Keep track of upcoming holiday trading hours that affect countries or instruments that you interact with.

Asset Class2022-01-17Status
FXFX pairsnormal hours
CommoditiesUSOilCLOSE 8PM
CommoditiesUKOilCLOSE 8PM
CommoditiesSugarNO TRADING
CommoditiesRiceNO TRADING
CommoditiesNatural GasCLOSE 8PM
CommoditiesCocoaNO TRADING
CommoditiesWheatNO TRADING
CommoditiesCottonNO TRADING
CommoditiesCornNO TRADING
CommoditiesCoffeeNO TRADING
CommoditiesSoybeanNO TRADING
EquitiesUnited StatesNO TRADING
Indices100UKCLOSE 11PM
IndicesUS500CLOSE 8PM
IndicesUS100CLOSE 8PM
IndicesDE40CLOSE 11PM
IndicesEU50CLOSE 11PM
IndicesUS30CLOSE 8PM
IndicesJPN225CLOSE 8PM
MetalsPlatinumCLOSE 8PM
MetalsPalladiumCLOSE 8PM
Precious MetalsXAGUSDCLOSE 8PM
Precious MetalsXAUUSDCLOSE 8PM

*All times are EEST (Eastern European Summer Time)