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1. Introduction 
1.1. The Deposit, Withdrawal and Refund policy applies to any transfers made by clients of
Triangleview Investments Ltd (“The Company”) when depositing monetary funds to or
withdrawing monetary funds from the client’s trading account, which has been opened with
the Company.
1.2. By accepting the terms and conditions when opening an account with the Company, you
confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the following terms.
2. Deposits & Withdrawals
2.1. Upon the approval received by the Company after the registration process have been
completed, the Know-Your-Clients Documents have been submitted and after the completion
of background checks by the relevant department of the Company, Clients could then proceed
with funding their trading account(s) from their client zone.
2.2. The Company offers its clients with multiple ways to deposit and withdraw funds including
bank transfer, credit, debit, and online cards through the Clients Zone.
2.3. Deposits will be transferred to the client’s trading account within one business day once
the amount has reflected in the Company’s bank account.
2.4. The Company does not accept funds from third party or from accounts that are not in the
Clients name. When such a case arises then the Company would submit the funds back to
the original source and would not fund the Clients trading account.
2.5. The Company shall have the right to request the Client at any time any documentation to
confirm the source of funds deposited into their trading account. The Company shall have the
right to reject a deposit if the Company is not satisfied as to the legality of the source of funds.
2.6. In cases where the Clients initiate a deposit and which is not credited into their trading
account when supposed to, the Client shall notify the Company and request from the Company
so as to take the necessary actions and conduct investigations in relation to the transfer. The
Client understands and agrees that in order to perform the investigation the Client shall have
to provide the Company with the requested documents.
2.7. Clients may submit a withdrawal request at any time which would be accepted by the
Company provided that the Client is compliant, at all times with our Terms & Conditions and
the Company does not have any requests in the contrary of that action by Regulatory
Authorities as applicable for example by AML Laws.
2.8. In case of a positive cash balance in the retail client’s trading account, the Company must
process the client’s request to withdraw funds on the same day that the request to withdraw
funds was made, or the next working day if the client’s request is received outside of normal
trading hours. Normal trading hours are considered the 9:00 to 18:00.
2.9. The client is encouraged to be aware of any inaccuracies on their request. In the event
that the client has made an incorrect request, the Company shall not be obligated to reclaim
the funds from the institution nor reimburse the client for any fees, costs or other expenses
occurred therein. The client shall be responsible for compensating the Company for any costs
or damages incurred as result of the erroneous or incorrect withdrawal request.
2.10. In cases where the Company makes the mistake entailed by funding the incorrect
account during transferring funds between trading accounts, the amount of the request shall
be refunded to the Client at the expense of the Company
2.11. The client acknowledges that the company has the right to decline any internal transfer
without additional explanation or reasons.
3. Refunds
3.1. A refund request can be made by the Clients when the Clients have deposited funds into
their trading account
3.2. Refund requests will be executed on the same day or the next working day if the request
is received outside of normal trading hours.
3.3. When a refund request is made by the Clients the Company would proceed with the
termination of the business relationship as provided within the terms and conditions and
proceed with the closure of all open positions and proceed with the refund of the remaining
3.4. The company would proceed with the refund of the account taking into account the
provisions of paragraphs 2.7 and 2.8 above.
4. Fees
4.1. The Company does not apply any fees in relation to your deposits or withdrawals. Bank
charges might apply and are imposed by the bank institution the clients collaborate.
4.2. Should a transfer which entails debit of service charges be made out to the Company’s
bank account, the charges will be deducted from the amount to be transferred to the client’s
trading account.
4.3. Should the base currency of a client’s trading account differ from the base currency of
the transferred funds, the amount transferred will be converted to the base currency of the
client’s trading account. The daily exchange rate of the Company’s recipient bank, to where
the payment was directed, will be used to convert funds
5. Malfunction
5.1. Each client should note the inherent vulnerability to failure, delay and/or disruption of
online payment systems, that might result in loss of funds, transfer delays e.t.c. The client is
responsible to keep their systems up to date and virus free. The company strongly advices its
clients to have installed a reputable software against viruses and constantly check their
5.2. The company should not be held responsible for any delays, malfunctions and/or outages
of the payment systems and/or any other technical systems, which belong to or are operated
by any third party and/or for the results of such delays, malfunctions and/or outage