Commodity CFDs

A Commodity is any raw material that can be bought or sold around the world, the value of a Commodity directly reflects the global trends of supply and demand. The price of the Commodity increases as the demand increases, the opposite is true if the demand for the Commodity decreases.
*Commodity CFDs are leveraged financial instruments. The value of CFDs is determined based on the value of the underlying Commodity. CFDs are settled in cash, clients have no right to the underlying asset.

High Volatility

Price movements directly reflect global events, making the market highly volatile.

Trade without Owning

Trade the price of the Commodity without owning the physical product, through CFDs.


3angleFX offers up to 1:20 on Commodity CFDs, allowing you to magnify your trades.

SymbolLeverage (max)Swap LongSwap ShortMax Order SizeSize of 1 LotAvg. SpreadTrading HoursBreak
Corn1:10-7.138-1.9991001,00045Mon-Fri 00:05-18:10Mon-Fri 12:41-13:34
Rice1:10-0.208-0.05810010,0006Mon-Fri 00:05-18:10Mon-Fri 01:56-13:34
Soybeans1:10-15.272-4.2761001,000200Mon-Fri 00:05-18:10Mon-Fri 12:41-13:34
Wheat1:10-8.410-2.3551001,000400Mon-Fri 00:05-18:10Mon-Fri 12:41-13:34
Copper1:10-4.610-1.2911001,00045Sun 22:00 - Fri 20:55Mon-Fri 20:56-22:00
Platinum1:10-17.227-6.534100100900Sun 22:01 - Fri 20:55Mon-Fri 20:56-22:00
XAGUSD1:10-2.793-0.7822010,00090Sun 22:01 - Fri 20:55Mon-Fri 20:56-22:00
XAUUSD1:20-24.430-6.8402010070Sun 22:01 - Fri 20:55Mon-Fri 20:56-22:00
Cocoa1:10-40.573-11.3601001001300Mon-Fri 08:46-17:29
Coffee1:10-2.078-0.5821001,000100Mon-Fri 08:16-17:29
Cotton1:10-1.092-0.3061001,000100Mon-Fri 01:05-18:15
Sugar1:10-0.211-0.05910010,00012Mon-Fri 07:31-16:59
NaturalGas1:10-0.388-0.10910010,00040Sun-Fri 22:01-20:55Mon-Thu 20:56-22:00
UKOil1:10-1.117-0.313101,0008Mon-Fri 00:01-22:00
USOil1:10-1.004-0.281101,0006Sun 22:01- Fri 20:55Mon-Thur 20:56-22:00
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Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. The vast majority of retail investors lose money when trading in CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.